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Our Ranges:

Rules and Regulations at all ranges.....

 1. Only club members are permitted to the ranges, membership badges     must be accessible at all times on all ranges.

 2. Anyone under the age of 18 must have an adult present.

 3. Common sense safety is to be practiced at all times. Alcoholic beverages or other drugs are NOT to be used on club ranges.

 4. Make sure range is clear before using.

     A.  Guns are to be cleared and out of use     before changing targets.

     B. Handguns holstered or down and long guns should be racked when not in use.

  5. Shotguns are not to be used on the rifle or pistol ranges.

  6. There shall be no guns or shooting of guns in the bow (archery) area.

 7. The range officer is in charge of the range when present, otherwise, when two or more shooters are using the range, all shooters must assume responsibility for safety.

 8. The custodian has the authority to ask any person to leave the range if infractions/safety problems occur.

 9. No motor vehicles or horses are permitted on the ranges or club property, except in parking areas.

10. The club operates on the honor system, please pay for items used (targets, etc.)

11. When finished using the ranges, remove all targets items and garbage to the trash.

12. All ranges will be closed and no firearms will be present during social events.

13. The last person to leave the club grounds should make sure the club house is locked and equipment is put away.


8 a.m. - DUSK


    10 a.m. - DUSK


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